Our Company

Our Company

Want to know who we are?

The Terp is a mixed organic farm with field crops and livestock for meat. Having started in 1985 as a small organic farm in one hectare, our company has become a valued mixed family business with 97 ha. Since the early 90s, we have the grasslands and croplands of Landgoed  Soelen under our control. Our company is situated on an old riverbank in the basin of the Linge.  So the soil on which we farm since 1984 consists of river clay. The Terp is a truly pioneering company from the time of certification for organic farmers was unnecessary, because they were motivated from within for an alternative and sustainable agriculture. Jeroen Robbers (1958), the founder of the Terp, is inspired by the biological dynamic training at Warmonderhof, and step by step the various disciplines within the company of fine to coarse vegetable horticulture, agriculture and animal husbandry, developed and followed. Since 2012 hid son, Rinke Robbers (1987) is working in the company. Rinke has also gone through the biodynamic Warmonderhof program and is ready to follow.

What are we doing?

We specialize in:

  • the production of organic pumpkins for supermarkets and export
  • the production of the exclusive regional beef “Soelens Weidevlees”
  • the production of solar energy
  • nature development and preservation

In addition to these activities there are other activities, such as day care for young disabled people, and homeselling of meat in our shop. The storage and processing of pumpkins for, for instance, supermarket Albert Heijn and the import and export of pumpkins are the most important.

Want to know us better?

Visit our website www.cvdeterp.nl