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Our Customers

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“De Terp Squashpackers” is one of the largest Organic Squash producers and supermarket suppliers in Europe”


Pumpkins / squash

Originally pumpkin or squash is a typical organic product known only by the alternative consumer. But over the years it has become a product with a growing reputation. After Albert Heijn supermarkets started selling pumpkins, growing numbers of supermarkets have pumpkins on the shelves. Since 1984 pumpkins are being grown on the Terp , and in 1998 the Terp started with the delivery of organic pumpkins to Albert Heijn. The product has experienced a sharp growth in sales. This has been a great impulse to optimize the pumpkin production and processing at our farm.

The Terp Pumpkins / Squash Packers has thus become the Dutch pumpkin specialist for the cultivation, storage and processing (washing and small packaging) and harvest of pumpkins. On our own organic mixed farm De Terp, we cultivate more than 20 ha. pumpkins, and in collaboration with other colleagues at home and abroad (Germany, Belgium, New Zealand and Argentina) we cultivate and commercialize an additional 190 ha. To have adequate storage and processing capabilities we have new pumpkin barns, storing 3,000 tons. We supply almost all year round from our own stock.

Are you a wholesaler and looking for pumpkins?

We provide quality, quantity and continuity. We have years of experience in the cultivation, storage and processing of pumpkins and are trendsetter in this field. As a result, we are able to deliver large batches of washed pumpkins, sorted as desired by different customers. We can guarantee supply in the longer term in different quantities, sizes and packaging. The pumpkins are stored centrally for shorter and longer storage, washed, sorted, labeled, packaged and shipped throughout Europe. The cultivation is done by enthusiastic motivated farmers who would like to set up their business organically and sustainably from seed to finished product. For this they need loyal relationships.


We work according to Global Gap and Skal / Organic certification. Traceability is guaranteed from field production to customer.

Certificates can be downloaded from the certification page.

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