Amoro discussie

Amoro Discussie

Hieronder een kort stuk uit het wetenschappelijk rapport; Quality testing in open pollinated crop varieties, uitgevoerd door HAS University of Applied Sciences en de Louis Bolk Institute.

Variety effects

One of the more noticeable varieties was Amoro F1. This variety had both the highest yield fresh weight and the highest average weight compared to the other varieties. This was expected as Amoro F1 is a newer variety and well known for its high yield (De Bolster. 2017). In contrast to the high yield Amoro F1 performed poorly on many other aspects. This variety had the lowest average dry matter percentage, which was almost half the amount of the other varieties. In addition to the lowest dry matter Amoro F1 also showed the lowest Brix percentage, mostly the lowest mineral content and the worst scores from the tasting tests. Pumpkins are known to be a good source of calcium and phosphorus (Priori et al. 2017), which are structural component in human bones and teeth (Joint & World Health Organisation. 2005). Amoro F1 does appear to be a good source of calcium, but a fairly bad source of phosphorus and other minerals, where Fictor and Uchiki Kuri performed better. The high yield of Amoro F1 seems to be negatively related to many of the quality traits. In general it may be concluded that the higher the yield the lower the inner quality. …